Welcome to HACNet

Cybersecurity research and education has long been a priority at SMU's Lyle School of Engineering. Researchers in the High Assurance Computing and Networking (HACNet) Lab work on a broad range of cybersecurity topics, spanning hardware, software, networking and even economic analysis. We leverage lessons from fault tolerance to the security domain, particularly in the areas of disaster recovery and infrastructure resilience. We apply security engineering principles to a variety of emerging applications, such as health-care IT and transportation security. Recognizing that cybersecurity investment involves budget trade-offs and dealing with strategic adversaries, we conduct economic analysis of security mechanisms and gather data on cybercrime to improve our understanding of how attackers operate and how best to disrupt their activities. Our work is supported by a broad range of private and public sector sponsors.

In addition to conducting research, the HACNet Lab provides leadership in security education through existing programs in the CSE department and its training programs. These efforts include several specialized courses in cybersecurity, culminating in a M.S. in Security Engineering. SMU also participates in the Information Assurance Scholarship Program, whereby students train in cybersecurity while on scholarship at SMU and then work at federal agencies upon graduation. We also engage undergraduates in research activities and supervise the student-led Security Special Interest Group (SSIG).