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Security Discussion Mailing List

The hacnet-discuss mailing list allows HACNet members and members of the broader SMU community to engage in discussions on hot security topics. We encourage interested SMU community members to sign up for the mailing list here.

Seminar Series

The CSE department at SMU offers a weekly seminar series during the academic year. Featuring speakers ranging from academic researchers to leading industry people to current SMU graduate students and professors, this seminar series offers an opportunity to hear about what's happening now in computer science. Many talks in this series pertain to computer security and related fields.

For the current seminar series schedule, see the calendar.


The security special interest group (SSIG) is vibrant collection of undergraduate and graduate students interested in ethical hacking and, more generally, computer security. SSIG hosts hands-on weekly labs taught by SSIG members that explore topics in web, network, and computer security such as code injection attacks, packet spoofing, and Linux administration. These labs highlight exploitation tools as well as more the more nitty-gritty underbelly of computer security.

SSIG members participate in weekly meetings, security competitions, security conferences, and other events. Current SMU students should contact Chris King or Adam Zygmontowicz for more information about participating in SSIG.


We believe that security research should be grounded in real-world problems, which is why we partner with many organizations beyond SMU. Consequently, our work is supported by a broad range of private and public sector sponsors. Please contact Dr. Suku Nair, HACNet Director, if you are interested in collaborating on research projects.

Research Day

If you are interested in participating in HACNet, check out our posters from SMU's graduate research day.