Dr. Frederick R. Chang
Cybersecurity, Information Assurance

Dr. Jennifer Dworak
Fault-Tolerance and Test, Hardware Trojans

Dr. Theodore W. Manikas
Computer and Network Security, Genetic Algorithms, Computer-aided Design Methods

Dr. Tyler Moore
Security Economics, Cybercrime, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Security Policy

Dr. Suku Nair (HACNet Director)
Network Security, Network Restoration, Fault-Tolerant Computing

Dr. Stephen Szygenda
Simulation, Computer-Aided Design, Fault-Tolerant Computing, Telecommunications

Dr. Mitch Thornton
Digital Systems, Asynchronous Logic, Formal Methods, Quantum/Reversible Logic, Hardware Security

Research Students

Bilal Alqudah
Privacy Protection for Medical Records

Will Bengtson
Network Security, Hardware Security, Penetration Testing

Jake Drew
Classification, Economics of Cybercrime

Ala' Eshmawi
Mobile Security, SMishing Detection

Saurabh Gupta
Asynchronous Logic, Computer Architecture, Embedded Systems

David Kebo Houngninou
Hardware Security, Formal Verification and Validation, Equivalence Checking

Xi Shen
Fault Tolerance, Hardware Chip Testing

Poramate Ongsakorn
Threat Cataloging and Analysis

Marie Vasek
Security Economics, Cybercriminal Patterns

Fanchen Zhang
Fault Coverage Analysis and Test

Adam Zygmontowicz
Hardware Trojan Development and Detection, Computer and Network Vulnerability Detection