Department of Defense (DoD) Information Assurance Scholarship Program (IASP) for 2013-14 Academic Year


The DoD-IASP program provides scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students for study in computer and network security fields. Each scholarship award provides the following:

Applications for the 2013-14 academic year are now being solicited - the deadline is Feb. 12, 2013.


We are soliciting applications from SMU students who meet the following requirements:

Application Materials

The application form (link below) is a fillable PDF form, so you may complete most of it electronically. However, you will need to print and sign the final hard copy form for submission. Also, you will need to submit the following documents in addition to your application form:

  1. Official transcript(s)
  2. Resume
  3. List of awards, honors, and distinctions
  4. Two (2) letters of reference

The application form includes specific instructions for each of these items, as well as the general application form items.

For each applicant, hard copies of all application materials must be submitted by 5 pm, Tuesday, February 12, 2013 to Dr. Manikas (477 Caruth Hall) or to one of the Administrative Assistants (Beth Minton or Deb McDowell in 445 Caruth Hall).

Please contact Dr. Manikas if you have any questions.

Thank you for your interest in the DoD IASP.